Still scoring in the 50's?

Two tips I’ll give you. The first is how to take paper tests, the second is how to improve the odds of passing. First here’ show you take a timed paper test. Answer the questions you know. If you don’t know the answer skip it and move on. Don’t guess. In the end your score is based on the number of questions you get right plus one third of the ones not answered (assuming three choices for the answer). This is really how you should take the actual exam so you don’t waste time and not get to finish (some people finish with no trouble, others find it to be very time sensitive). The reason you don’t guess is that you might get lucky and get it right today and not review that topic, but guess wrong on exam day. By leaving all of the ones that you don’t know blank you know all areas that need review. Below is a link to a posting of mine from 2007 about how I passed L2 scoring in the 50’s just a couple of days before the test. Relatively speaking, you have tons of time by comparison. Hope this helps.,554872,554963#msg-554963