Still think about wrong questions from June exam

Is anyone still running questions over their head from the June exam?!

I distinctly remember answering some questions correctly, before rubbing them out and changing them to the wrong answer due to over analysing, and I keep running through them in my mind thinking how important a couple extra marks could be come results day.

I’ll be at work minding my own business then i’ll randomly think about it and think ahhhh sh!t! Still surprised at how much harder June was to Dec despite doing so much more work second time round. urrrrrgh.

Hmm…yea i had same kinda feeling till about last week, remembering the Q’s , then used to check the answers and in the end WTF!!! i don’t even remeber what answer i marked on the exam, OMG all the options look same. In the end i reliazed there is no point in thinking about it but yea i agree with u it is difficult … try keep urself busy…lol for me work,friends and football worldcup are keeping me busy

I think that’s normal given the exam is 240 questions and the average candidate will get more than 80 incorrect. There are about 5-10 which are tormenting me too. Curious if you had a similar feeling following December or if there is more ambiguity this time around? Regardless, it’s inevitable to be second guessing yourself. Hopefully hard work and preparation will carry the day - best of luck w/ the results.

Me too I sometimes would bang my head in the wall for doing very silly mistakes, same type like you.

But I’m telling to myself now I will have to work on my test taking skills because to be honest I was confident I would not panic, got exhausted and miss easy points in my strong areas. Which I finally did.

Agree this exam was harder. I took it in June 2013, had finished 4 of the 10 topics and for these 4 I was >70% and I remember rating the questions as straightforward.

Now I was puzzled by some totally basic things, and screw them up that honestly I’m ashamed and actualy don’t mind taking the exam once more to prove myself that I can keep a clear mind.

Time and money lost though for sure.

There’s still one that haunts me, I wake up with cold sweats. It was way too easy to get wrong,it was directly after a really tough question and I was completely thrown off, my mind was numb for a minute or two haha.

wow! that’s great! now I know I am turning crazy and it’s not just me who thinks this way :slight_smile: I did really bad in Quant , fixed income and ECON… guys do u know when the results will be published ? I am really nervous and all am keep thinking about is the results! I need an exact date pls :slight_smile:

I thought Fixed in the afternoon was an absolute nightmare. I see a lot of people saying that Ethics was kind of hard but I came across only 3-5 hard questions in ethics between AM-PM. I took most of my guesses in Quant AM and Econ PM. Those were brutal.

I thought the afternoon ethics portion was challenging in the sense that there were at least 2 choices that could’ve easily been the correct answer. very confusing.

Yeah, agree. Ethics was tricky PM.

But otherwise for Econ, Quants and FI I doubt if I passed the 50% hurdle.

Econ I kind of expected because it’s all foggy, but FI was one of my strongest (or the mocks were so different), quants too, based on the mocks I thought it was no big deal. Ha-ha.

I suspect results would come on 29th July? Just based on what I saw from last exams. Pretty far still.