Do any of you need a constant increase in stimulation in order to procure the same sense of excitement? For example, constantly increasing the stakes you are gambling with, upping the drug you are using, increasing the level of risk, ect or to a lesser extent, traveling out of the country instead of a different state, starting your own business instead of the comfortable corporate job, chasing new women.

Only when it comes to women…although sometimes just “different” will do…not necessarily an increase.

With women and sex, yes. With weight training too.

No fap thread referenced in 3… 2…

Yea you have an addictive personality. Use it to improve your life or it will kill you (me?).

I think this is inherent with anything. As you get better and more comfortable, you must increase the difficulty to stay engaged. The problem comes when you are increasing the difficulty faster than you increase your skills, which is the story of my 3 race Motocross career. :stuck_out_tongue:

Bravo for this reference. Yes, i do believe i have an addictive personality, fortunately alcohal / drugs don’t do it for me so i need to attain the dopamine release through other manners. I personally get it through high stakes gambling (speculative options and poker), sports with adrenoline (i used to be a great baseball player but quickly got bored of that sport and moved to wrestling, to mma), and of course, the chase of tail. I figured there would be others like me on this forum.

I don’t really feel this way, but I do like feeling “on edge” at times. I won’t increase my consumption of drugs, alcohol, etc. I can agree with the poker stuff. For me I like to try and compete at higher levels of video games. If I get bored or feel I went stagnant in skill level I will go to a new online game and start as a noob till I’m good there. Once I’m good I get bored.

I don’t have the “alpha-male” “big-dick-itude” syndrome. Never have had. Not when I was in high school, not even in the Marines. Sure, I used to try to (safely) bang as many women as possible. (I’m married with kids now.) But I never really needed an adrenaline rush or a sense of “dominance” over other dudes.

Just because I don’t doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t. Just saying that I can’t really relate.

seriously dude, who are you? i think you may be me but i can’t figure out how i am posting as you without me knowing.

I am the prophet, i thought i already announced this. As for how it is done, it is quite simple, friend. You see, while you (I) partake in our daily adventure of fursuiting, as the mask goes on the transfermation takes place. TF becomes WYG, WYG becomes every other character on this mentally created site (bchad, ramos, green, stormy ect). You see, both of us (one) are standing in a deserted alley of nyc, eyes closed, visualising me (you) type this very sentence. Each fabricated character represents an annoyance that disturbs our meditation. Green reflects the trash boy emptying the trash in the dumpster, bchad is the police that questions why we are not moving, plantir is the prostitute giving a quickie to cfavmba, ohai / numi are the business tourist that get lost and cannot look away, but you already know all this for you just wrote (thought) it…

I hate adrenaline. I’d rather nap all day. I don’t get this whole “type A” thing.