STL should be the troll hunter

I do enjoy his comments and his mindset,appointing him as troll controller has two benefits:

  1. His comments and reasoning would provide entertaiment and somehow educational value.
  2. Some shmucks who troll would move to other more feasible sites for trolling, or some MMA forum is a good example.

You are literally killing 2 birds with one stone with this move.Those in favour vote yes

I appreciate your vote of confidence, but there are already two threads on this - one here and one in the Feedback Forum (btw, this would go great there).

The main point I want to get across is that something needs to be done. Doing nothing and expecting things to get better is insane. Over the last few weeks, maybe the last few months, I’ve basically felt like this towards the admin/mods:

Hey, STL, I saw this and thought of you.

I see the problem too. The challenge is that our policies don’t really cover “posting stupid sh!t”. It only covers “posting offensive or libelous sh!t,” and there’s actually plenty of stuff that is offensive to some but not to others that often gets the benefit of the doubt as long as it doesn’t grow to be an everyday kind of offensiveness.

In the past, stupid posts came up but it was not so often that it is a problem. But today, there’s a lot more stuff that isn’t exactly offensive, but is so dumb or quasi-spam, like “is it ok if I pick my nose when no one sees it???” It doesn’t break a policy and it’s stupid enough that I figure most people can choose not to read it. Nonetheless, some posters put up four or five of these dumb things in a single day, and maybe one is mildly interesting or amusing, yet it doesn’t break any rules.

Perhaps we need to evolve our policy to include “irrelevant spam” or such, but that’s going to mean that lots more threads get nuked, and most members don’t like it when that happens. I’m interested in hearing what members would suggest the policy or dividing line should be.

I’d joke that this discussion ought to go into the feedback forum, but it probably will get more responses and ideas here, so let’s leave it in WC for at least a little while.

^That looks nice for the price. I actually happen to collect bladed weapons.

Edit: To the on-topic post, that’s why you to trust someone that understands the problem. There’s no perfect solution, but I guarantee I’d have the WC spam free on weekdays from 8:00am-4:00pm CT. I don’t work evenings or weekends.

Serioiusly? What do you have?

Around 150 knives and a handful of hatchets. Mostly throwing hatchets and one for heavy-duty use (not that I use any of them). No swords. Not sure why but I never really got into them so much.

Perhaps I’m naive, but I think the best way to get rid of the trolls is for all of us to just ignore them. After enough of their threads do nothing but slide down the page because no one is posting in them, they’ll go away. It seems clear to me that they get off on the attention, so why give it to them. I’m also guessing that a lot of the trolling is a couple of people who get banned and just come back under a new name, so banning them even feeds their need for attention. Just my $0.03.

^Yes, but we’re horrible at ignoring the trolls. In fact, we feed them worse here than pretty much any other forum I’ve seen. The fact that Blake is some mystical figure (I wouldn’t have banned him under what I’m proposing btw), and RR is some semi-celebrity is just stupid.

Maybe not so much the Blake one. He was really good at what he did…providing cell phone carrier suggestions.

Maybe we create a troll forum and threads that are trollish get moved there, so the rest of us don’t have to worry about it. It’s like a Water Cooler for the Water Cooler.

I…like this idea.

I still prefer a voting mechanism, but this would be good too.

Like a ghetto ?

Only for the special people, Hippo.

Maybe we could look into throttling the number of posts that trollish types can make - say 1 or 2 per day. First offense, throttle for a week, second offense, throttle for a month, third offense, ban.

I advocated content control during the 20 page f*cking jerk off thread and basically said if we didn’t moderate this is where we would wind up. Well here you go.

Except that where we are - as bad as it is - is still better than that thread ever was.

I didn’t post on AF for good part of 2015.The thing that amuses me is that some new posters are trying to copy my persona in a horrible way!!!

Between i am no celebrity…I am just a middle class Indian working day and night for my bread and butter.

The No Fap thread was a net positive to the forum, from my point of view. It engaged many members of the community, presented what seemed to be a legitimate set of observations on a personal experiment, was civilized considering the content, and was self contained, so it was easy to ignore if someone found the topic uninteresting or distasteful.

Now with regard to the latest people (person) who are (is) under examination, the problem is not the content that is being posted. Nothing is really wrong in each individual thread. The problem is that the repeated posting disrupts the rest of the forum. It’s pretty clear also that the same person was posting under multiple user names, and if a rule about this doesn’t already exist, this should be considered a violation of forum policy.

Plus, I don’t know about the rest of you, but this behavior was just sad and inexplicable to me. It should be our duty as world citizens to terminate accounts that demonstrate such pathetic behavior. This would be like how Ripley killed the human alien hybrid at the end of Alien 4.

Right, that’s why I thought the post throttle might be a useful too. The threads themselves are innocuous, if dumb, but there are so many posted in a row that it becomes a problem. If the user doesn’t get the message with a throttle, then the accounts are terminated, preferably with a T-1000, liquid steel.

What you were advocating and what I’m talking about is very different though. I’m more for moderating people while you were more about moderating the content…in extremely simplistic terms.