stomach virus

because why wouldn’t i get sick the day before the exam? that’s just how it always works out for me…ugh :frowning:

sorry to hear… i’ve had the chills all day from realizing i still have a lot to review. i’m sure you’re in a better position than me though. i still have to review ethics, FSA, AND econ!!!

Thats awful. I wish you the best. Surf WebMD to find the miracle cure so you can at least sit tomorrow. Get some rest.

my stomach was feeling horrible this morning too… try some pepto, it did the trick for me.

that’s awful man, hope you feel better…I’m sure I’ll have the $hits tomorrow from being so nervous…

Don’t eat anything except plain bread tosted… And drink lots of strong black tea with NO sugar… It helped me!

i think it was the lobster ravioli last night…i figured i deserved a good meal…bad idea…right now i’m just hanging out in my bathroom with my laptop working some intrinsic values.

That’s dedication! Hope you feel better. I have been staying away from anyone that has kids; those dang germ bags are dangerous to bachelors.

i will sit for this exam even if i am vomiting all over my answer sheet. if anything it will distract the people around me and give me a better probability of passing…i don’t know why i didn’t think of this before…sheer genius

^where can i order some lobster ravioli? it will do the job!

Guess Pizza Hut doesn’t have it. Guess that is life in the South!

i think that if you got lobster ravioli from pizza hut you would feel much worse than i do.


I just hope I am not sitting next to you cfasuicide

I think trying any new foods from this point on is a bad idea.

hank, i will point my projectile vomit away from you.

cfasuicide Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > hank, i will point my projectile vomit away from > you. Thanks! much appreciated! feel better :slight_smile: