Stop calling it a tax cut!

Keeping rates the same is not a tax cut.

Well, passing the bill means that taxes will be lower than they otherwise would be. So to me, that is a tax cut. I guess you could call it whatever you want.

murders&executions Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > Keeping rates the same is not a tax cut. It IS tax cut. Bush lowered the rates from the Clinton years and they were supposed to be temporary. But now they want to make them permanent. Plus take a look at the estate tax rates being lowered in the proposal.

its a cut from from what they would be come Jan 1 if nothing was done.

$700B over 10 years is $70B a year. Not a big deal really when Benny is printing $600-900B over the next 6 months. It’s all relative. m

well, technically, the money doesn’t get funneled into the consumer markets until banks starts handing it out left and right. It sits in big reserves that get bigger as QE kicks in.