"Stop Flushing Your Money Away On Excess Toilet Paper: This Bidet Is Only $22"


Could today be the day to take the “plunge”?

That thing sucks. I bought a better one and returned right away. Poopoo trap.

What is this mockery of a bidet? I should lock this topic.

I haven’t figured the bidet thing out yet.

Do you have a joystick or something so you can aim the stream at your cornhole? What happens if you turn it on and the water shoots out like a fire hydrant and hits you right in the sack?

Regardless of its functional quality, I’m pretty sure you’re supposed to mount it, um, out of the way. If it was mounted properly and was still a “Poopoo trap,” perhaps your explosive bowels are incompatible with bidets.

Yes, there are controls for temperature (once forgot to turn on the cold water and nearly killed myself), strength of the stream(s), and with some models, directionality. Mine just goes straight up butt I’ve mastered my positioning.

Darn – I bought an $80 bidet toilet seat from Home Depot last month, plus some replacement toilet parts after I botched the installation…

Picked this up on amazon about 2 weeks ago. Only 10 minutes to install. Works well but you need to crank up the flow switch to High in order to get a stream strong enough to break through the debris field. It is non-electric so the water comes out a bit cold. Definitely cuts down on the TP use. You are clean as a whistle from the water so the toilet paper is just to dry off. I have noticed a bit of a knock (kind of like a jack hammering) with the pipe when I turn the flow switch by the wall to a high setting. Anybody have a fix for that? I can probably find something on youtube.

read this line, and i thought it went well with this thread.

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