Stop the insanity

I am logging off. Hashing and rehashing the questions is only going to freak me out(more). Fact is, nobody knows the right answer. And in August, you will find out how you did. This is like crack. Save yourselves. Go watch the Lakers game.

Dont you mean the Celtics game?

I’m on the other side of that trade. I have the market risk (left tail/left coast).

No!!! I will not stop the insanity!!! I need to take Level IV next year@@!!!

I agree. I’m not touching these forums, I know I screwed some stuff up and definetly didn’t ace the test, but feel I am still in the game, and don’t plan to let this ruin another 3 months

watch the Lakers game, or go to sleep for Europeans!

watch the Lakers game, or go to sleep for Europeans

nothin wrong with wanting to see what other’s put down spent 6 months studying for this godforsaken thing…sure is nice to be able to talk about it