Strategic Guessing..

Does anyone have any thoughts on what to do if you have absolutely no clue. In my opinion, if there are three options such as A) 11m B) 13m C) 200m Its more likely to be A or B, than C ? Also I think there are instances when you can rule out two options based on the fact that they are saying the same thing… A) An increase in Discount Rate will cause PBO to increase B) A decrease in discount Rate will cause PBO to decrease C) Blah… Obviously this is a simplified version, but there are instances when two options are essentially saying the same thing, and if one was true, the other would have to be too. Would love to hear your thoughts…

Yeaaaaaaa common sense will prevail with educated guesses

If you see two answers are negative and one positive (and vv) chances are the correct answer is negative. Whenever you see 0 among answers think maybe you do not need to crunch numbers.

My strategy is to attempt first to find an answer that’s obvious - then I’m pretty sure that’s not it.