Strategically Neglecting Topic Areas With Low Weighting

With only a few days left to study, I have started to focus on the topic areas where I am leaving the most points on the table. In some cases this means diving deep in an area that I am passing, as opposed to polishing up on an area that I am failing. Any thoughts on this strategy?

Personally, at this point, I’d not bother spending much time on the sections that I don’t get at all. If I didn’t get it after many months of studying, then it’s likely I still won’t get it after a few more days. I’d allocate that time to the sections that I have a good or OK understanding on to hopefully retain that knowledge.

Good understanding: 75+% correct in recent practice exams/questions

OK understanding: 50-75% correct

Don’t get it: Under 50% correct.

Those apply to the Readings (subsections of the topic areas like FRA, Quant, etc)

Study priorities -

Priority 1: Ethics (regardless of understanding)

Priority 2: OK understanding

Priority 3: Good understanding

Priority 4: Poor understanding