Strategies for Time Constraints

Most people say that the L2 exam isn’t about the time you have but how much you know. While i used to agree with this I am starting to run out of time on my practice exams. While this wasn’t the case when I first started taking the exams about 4 weeks ago, I am still able to score 77-80% in book 6. I find it takes me so much longer then before to answer. I think what happens is i start to second guess and think of all the exceptions to what i think is the answer. Then i start digging around the vignette looking for anything that might invalidate my choice. For everyone in this situation, I’m looking for advice on what all you other folks are doing to keep yourselves on track. Does just cutting and moving on work? I feel like I just cant bare to leave an answer blank or guessed on. What do all of you do??? HELP!!!