Strategy for last 2 weeks

Hi all,

Wanted to hear inputs from you guys on the strategy to be taken on the way forward for the last two weeks. I took my first Schweser mock exam today and was very disappointed to score 61% - albeit, I realized it was because I didn’t remember a lot of the formulae and concepts and I need to read a lot of the material again.

I plan on completing all the Schweser mocks and the CFAI mock (one per day). I’m unsure about whether to devote the rest of my free time to redoing all CFAI EOCs or doing the topic tests on the CFAI website. Please advise. Also, could someone tell me the topic tests to be prioritised in case I’m unable to have enough time for all 83 of them? How much time would all 83 take?

Also, what is a good way to remember all the formale (particularly) the derivatives formulae? I’m finding them hard to remember, and I feel not remember them is overkill at L2.

Good luck to everybody in advance!

61% isn’t a bad score for your first mock.

Devote all your free time to doing as many topic tests as you can get in, I’d forget EOCs at this point if you’re pressed for time and can only choose between those two.

My two cents!

Thanks for the response! I think I’ll try to tackle topic tests for one subject per day.

FRA has 13 tts. Equity has 17 (almost a full mock). Between doing the TTs, reviewing the answers/mistakes and going back to the texts, it’ll likely take you more than a day/subject. Just a heads up. I took 4 days to finish Equity TTs and reviews. For the next 2 weeks I’m basically taking the Schweser quicksheet and my flashcards everywhere I go and try to remember all the formulas.

the thing i found schweser mock is better than TT is the answer, in schweser for concept questions, schweser answer actually tell you why which statement is true and why the other two statements are not true. And in general, schweser mock answer explains things better than TT do. And I also found that for some topics, especially some FRA item set in schweser mock 2 can be pretty hard, there are things they didnt teach you in the notes and you have to get it wrong first in order to learn those.

^ The exam writers prepared the TTs, which is why I value them more (I use a higher discount rate for Schweser notes because of the risk of authors not being CFAI writers) Based on my experience for level 1, TTs were a lot more useful (and closer to exam material) than the Schweser mocks. Go long CFAI TT and short Schweser mocks.

My hope is that the Topic Tests are a representation of the likely exam-day questions plus a sizeable difficulty premium.

While the quality of questions in TTs may be closer to actual exam, but they don’t give a wider exposure required to test many topics. I guess schweser mocks might fill in that gap.