Strategy for last few days

Hi Guys, I have taken Mock exams from Schweser Volume 2. Couldnt get through the AM session in practice exam 3 though. Should I take a day out in between to catch up on the weak concepts instead of giving the exams and revising the weak areas at the end of the day? Does anyone have any idea about the mock exams offered by Finquiz? And finally, how well do you think CFA Sample exams would fit into the last week preparations?

Make sure you spend just as much time going over answers (correct and incorrect) as you do taking the mock exam. In my experience, the review is the most critical step in the process of studying.

The sample exam’s are created by the CFA Institute. In my opinion, I’d take as many questions provided by them as possible. Always nice to take practice questions from the group that will be creating the actual exam.

Just my two cents…

Good luck to you on the exam.

Thanks man… Appreciate your help. Goodluck to you too.