strategy for preparation

Guys pls help @strategy for the l3 preparation…those who’ve already started how are u going about it and others how r u planning to do its preparation…

There are many post which already discussed many times so please help yourself

you are not new to this program I am sure you know how you prepared for level 1 and 2

I am going to start mid oct as I am awaiting study material. I will be busy at work during feb and mar. I plan to give a reading of the material and get on with the questions. I understand for L3 one should do a lot more of practice questions and exam papers from CFAI and Scheweser.


“Hope for the best, prepare for the worst”

Trimonious, has done it all for us guys. Just read his post, I havent seen a better post on how to prepare from anyone. Dont ask anyone else, just read this!

And do yourself a favour, bookmark the above two threads.



thanks mate for the link…it is really well explained.


Cheers mate, I am glad to be of any help!

thanx sooraj for the links…

@rogue trader…thanx for ur input but i guess level 3 is to b prepared more in a strategic manner than the past 2 levels seeing the exam pattern…so it is better to know how one can approach for the same…u are a charterholder already and might have approached for l3 like l1 or l2…but for others it might work differently…anyways all d best to u:)