Strategy for the last 17 days ?

Strategy for the last 17 days ?


CFA EOC’s, review, memorize, practice exams, eat, sleep, repeat.

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Do CFAI EOC questions and as many mocks as possible in the next 5 days and then one thorough reading of the Schweser material during the last 12 days. I feel that a thorough reading of the entire material is a must since there are so many fine details to remember.

Memorization of formulas, qbank, schweser secret sauce, flash cards, and mocks.

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  1. QBANk to nail down concepts/Formulas in weak areas. 2. CFA EOC Q’s (Again) 3. CFA Mock/Schweser Mocks 4. Read schweser one more time. I have a week off before the exam so I will be able to put in serious time. I am doing about 4.5 hours a night right now. No life until June 4th at 5:00PM.


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No way to memorize all of this, i am picking topics I think will come up and drilling them

PANIC! attempt to reschedule.

stay off AF

I’ve actually completed the program, finished schweser mocks, CFAI mocks, and EOCs. Now it’s repetition repetition repetition! Planning to take the sample this saturday.

Anyone else struggling with whether or not to take a night off over the next 2 1/2 weeks? I’m having a hard time weighing the diminishing returns from extreme burnout vs missing a night of studying with only a couple weeks left.

I took all of last weekend off…I felt guilty till I came back with the furry for studying. I just took L1 in dec and burnout is becoming a real problem for me and the 2 days to have a social life and see friends made it better. I know that just like last year I will not study the day before the test and will spend the day relaxing (if you don’t know it the day before the test, you don’t know it and its better to get a good night sleep).

definitely won’t study the day before - I agree if you don’t know if by then it doesn’t matter. thinking about taking tonight off but guilt is already overwhelming with only 17 days left… i work 11-12 hrs a day and have been studying every night for 3-5hrs plus entire weekends. oh well… maybe a few drinks tonight and get back to it hard tomorrow…

Will study every day, but won’t do so so much that I get burnout and retention issues. I wouldn’t quit for a whole weekend, but I’d maybe take an evening off or something.

can you please stop reminding me of the number of days left for the exam? thanks lol

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