Strategy over last 2 weeks

What is everyone’s strategy over these last 2 weeks? I am going to skim over each of the 60 readings, memorize formulas and do another say 2-3 mocks. Will also do about 5-10 of the CFAI EOC questions, focus on topics I am weak at like Quant, Econ and Derivs.

From now until next weekend I’m going to focus on Equity, FRA, FI and Derv EOC questions and review my notes that I’ve been making along the way about things that tripped me up in these areas. Then I’m taking off work the first week of June to do a full review of everything but my main focus is going to be on Equity, FRA, FI and Derv. I feel as though if I can master these sections I’ll pass the exam. I did every ethics EOC question this past week and I am scoring about 80-85% on them so I feel really good about ethics

I have been reviewing formulas on my lunch break at work, I think getting in a bit of studying every lunch hour makes a big difference in the long run