strategy remembering formulae

what are you doing to remember these? list them and write them several times? which source did you use to put all formulae together? cfa texts have some derivations that confuse me. any suggestions please?

i remember having a dump at IFC when i was studying hedge fund last month… (IFC is the top investment/financial building in hk) and OC happens to means having a dump. so the 5 risks for hedge fund must be: (I)nvestment risk, (F)raud risk, ©ounterparty risk, (O)peration risk, ©redit spread risk

i am pretty sure i will remember this one monki hhhehhehee !!

pls what does it mean to have a dump? howdoes OC mean a dump?

OC is Or-See… meaning taking a dump! :slight_smile:

I though hedge fund risks were: FI funds having eq exposure FI arb funds usually short Style drift Merger Arbitrage funds high risk Short History Vulnerable to credit spreads I tend to just sob into my cornflakes until I remember the formula. I also find that dreaming them and waking up covered in sweat and screaming helps

thats hedge fund’s characteristics’s effect have on the performance, not risks. I summarize them as: 1) Techniques 2) Leverage 3) Style Drift 4) Portfolio Turnover