Strategy to crack L2

Hi Guys, This is my first post on this blog, this time I took CFA Level 2 second time, I used CFAI books for ethics, Portfolio management and fixed income, and guys I realy was able to crack portfolio management, ethics and fixed income questions, they were just cakewalk for me coz I read the above mentioned 3 CFAI books 3 times, believe me it became very easy in the exam and this time I comfortably cleared Level 2, scoring above 70 in all the above sections. Therefore based on my expereience scheweser is not enough for ethics, portfolio management and fixed income, last year I only read scheweser and flunked badly in the above areas. Some of very important topics are not properly covered whcih ultimately becomes reason for failure. Read the above 3 books page by page, u will really feel the difference and will realise the depth of CFAI which schweser misses. For topics like FSA, equity and quant rely completely on schewser books as they have covered them comprehensively. Please try to follow this strategy and believe me it will work. Keep ur head high, as very well said by somebody “dreams are not those which u get while sleeping, dreams are those which won’t let u sleep”.

I’ll give it a shot. I may start doing some studying today

good man. congrats. i am already reading the CFAI stuff and I get schweser in october. this is gonna be a busy year

I don’t know, but to me ethics in level 2 is the same as level 1.

yup, those are probably the 3 areas that i’d recommend CFA books most highly for… i might add quant… cfa is too cumbersome and confusing for certain areas, thinking parts of derivatives especially. i’m confused though. was portfolio management only 6 questions in total?.. 18 points = 5% of 360. 120 questions, so 5% = 6 questions???

This sounds lika a good strategy (coming from a looser who filed LII 2wice!) I’ll try to follow the adivice and see if 3rd time’s the charm. ERASER, any suggestions on the number of practice tests/questions you took to pass this time around? Thanks!

I did all schweser and CFAI mock and sample exams, I also practiced schweser question bank but question bank is not very helpful, as it doesn’t pose any challenge.

I think people need to tailor their study plans to strengths and weaknesses. Given that i just failed L2, i going to start early on my areas of weakness: FI, Derivatives, PM. I will use CFAI texts and questions as my starting point with very thorough topic reviews. My areas of strength: CF, FSA, Equity Valns - I will do questions over and over and debrief areas if i am making mistakes. I did well on ethics in both L1 and L2 so less worried, just continually review Schweser and keep doing problems. Economics, Alt Inv, and Quant falls somewhere in the middle for me…not sure the best approach but will probably be mostly focused on doing problems and debriefing them… Anyway, that is the approach that i have in my head. not sure how i am going to budget my time or when i am going to start. I commute into the city each day, so i have 40 mins each way of captive time. I think sept-oct is good for doing some of the FI/PM/Derivatives readings. Nov-Dec attack all of the problems. And then put together a proper study plan for January-June.