I was asked by one of the emoployers to take the WSAT test on - I did and got 66%…

what does it mean? Am i good, bad or ugly? and what will employers make out of this ?

you are profiled for back office… enjoy

I got a 51. I took it at 1am when I was sleepy…

@Plantir, I heard that 40ish is the average and i guess they feel good about anyone doing better than that. We could do better on most of the questios, but timing was an issue… I really hated the part where every question is timed… i complted most of Financial/accounting in less than 1/2 the time given but couldnt use that with other questions… so that makes this test slightly tougher than a paper based test.

So did you get a call or / was asked by an employer to complete this?

Yeah the questions were not htat hard at all, it was just short on time, and I really should have done better. I thought it was going to be like a 5 min test when I started. I was told to do it by a few jobs I was applying for…Good to hear that 40ish is average. I thought my score was shite.

This website is complete and total fraud. I found that out the hard way after applying to a posting on Linked in. I had no reason to believe that something on a “professional networking” site could be illegitimate. I thought for sure that since they actually have people who pay them money for subscriptions they would do some form of verification of the postings.

Anyway, I’m coming from a pretty tough professional background and have an uphill battle, but after applying to the posting for equity research I had a glimmer of hope that the recent changes I had made to my resume and cover letter had actually landed me a chance. Started reviewing some things and prepping for the test. Only to find out from multiple postings on WSO that this was total BS, and to double check the email address it came from. Sure enough, it came from I went to view my history of jobs I applied to and 2 of them had been completely changed to a different company and a different position, so it was verified that it’s a sham.Now they have my name, address, phone number, educational background, and work history.

Do not fall for this and do NOT apply to anything on Linked in. Use it as a resource and then verify it on the actual company’s website.

I emailed Linked in screenshots of the postings and the email and told them what had happened. They sent me a blanket email back asking for screenshots and the name of the individual. I wrote them back and told them what I thought of their blanket email and that if I didn’t get a response from an actual human by 5 I’d be permanently discontinuing my service and spreading the word.

It’s after 5 and I haven’t heard.

The time wasted isn’t even the tough part. It was that level of excitement that I got when I actually thought I stood a chance.

Palantir and dvictr, have you had any identity theft problems or anything since doing this?



thanks 1bigstudmuffin. thats really helpful. lovely dialect as well.

cuz i’s a scrub.

Hi, my name is Adam Goldstein and I am the co-founder of Street of Walls. We work with many employers to help them find top talent - including investment banks, hedge funds, and private equity funds. I can assure you our business is very real. I am very transparent about who I am, who I work with, and who my company is. My company is affiliated with NYU as it was born out of the NYU tech incubator ( If you are asked to take any of our assessments from an employer, feel free to call them up and verify that they are working with us. Please take note that you should call the HR department specifically for that job (ie Equity Research or Investment Banking) as many of the banks have fragmented departments and do not communicate with each other. Please see our FAQs to understand your percentile ranking ( Many of the employers post jobs via schools, linkedin, and other sources. Linkedin and the schools would not allow you to post a job as somebody else as each group thoroughly vets their clients to maintain their value proposition.