Stressed Out

Hey everyone, I have just started Economics and has not taken any tests till now. But I feel like I have forgot everything I have studied till now and is really scared. Please help me out, I am really stressed right now!

i have to finish economics, derivatives and ethics. Dont panic just focus on the reading first and i guess 1 month will suffice for practice exams if you already have good concepts and math.

economics is freaking me out, any idea how to study economics, it’s bouncing over my head.

Don’t stress too much if Econ doesn’t seem to be sticking - it’s the largest section in terms of pages of material but one of the lowest weights on the exam (10% if I recall correctly?). Do your best and then move on.

As far as forgetting everything you’ve been over so far, get used to it. That’s one of the biggest challenges facing CFA candidates. However, I’ll tell you this - when you review what you’ve done, it’ll come back to you MUCH faster the second time around. I promise you that.

When you’re done with your first reading, get to practice questions immediately and then review sections/readings as needed. If you take a practice test and score poorly on CF, brush up on the EOC questions in the CFAI text, and maybe do some light reading for the sections that really caused you trouble.

I would strongly advise against it, but it may help to reduce the stress for you: I gave up on trying to turn Econ into a strength at L1 pretty early in the game and blew through the exam with little problem (though my econ score was in the 50-70 range).

thank you so much sir, it has given me a ray of hope. God bless you.

relax. and continue studying

yes, i am.

These stress relievers may seem cliche, but they do help:

  1. go for a walk as a study break

  2. try yoga or meditate

  3. listen to music

How many things have you covered? Are you going in order?

If you’re going in order, then you’ve covered approx. 20% of the Level 1 exam. And there are three exams. So you’re about 6% done right now.

Just to put things in perspective.

no, I still have to cover Equity and Fixed incomes.

yeah thanks a lot.

Quit freaking out over econ. It’s 10% of the exam and just shy of 20% of the reading material for the L1 curriculum. If you haven’t covered equity of FI yet, i suggest you cover those and master them the best you can. Then hammer away as many mock/practice exams as you can. Don’t forget to thoroughly grade your exams and read the answers. Grade yourself honestly. Practice exams and reading through the answers when grading them will help drive home key points.

thank you, it’s quite motivating. I will adhere to your advice.

thank you sir, all i need to do is focus and stick to my schedule.

Do more practice for economics otherwise it will take you in trouble.

i am doing both, the curriculum as well as schweser, that would be sufficient i guess, right?

Don’t worry so much about sufficiency, instead focusing on feeling prepared and confident.

yes, thank you for the advice.