Stressed - take a day off?

Guys would love some advice - done all mocks, blue boxes, EOCs a few times (I didn’t study Schweser so haven’t done their tests), scoring 70-80% consistently now although some topics like FX and derivs am struggling. However am feeling very very stressed out and getting sore heads/can’t sleep due to the pressure I am putting myself under to pass.

Should I take a day off and chill out? Study is becoming counterproductive I think…

with those scores, you can surely give yourself a break. I would.

Ya take it easy man. I scored well on all of the mocks as well. I am taking it easy now… even came into work this morning for a half day even though I have the week off just to get my mind off studying nonstop. Stressing does you no good at this point. Take a day off, review ethics/key questions wed or thurs and some flash cards friday = PASS! Go do something to get your mind off of it. When you start to stress, just think about how well you have been doing on the mocks and that you have nothing to worry about.