Stressed - take a day off?

Guys would love some advice - done all mocks, blue boxes, EOCs a few times (I didn’t study Schweser so haven’t done their tests), scoring 70-80% consistently now although some topics like FX and derivs am struggling. However am feeling very very stressed out and getting sore heads/can’t sleep due to the pressure I am putting myself under to pass.

Should I take a day off and chill out? Study is becoming counterproductive I think…

since you are doing so well, i would take the day off but still do some light reading before sleepy time

I have been hitting it hard for the past few days also - like around 45+ hours of stuyding in 3 days of long weekend (avg 15 hours each for 3 days).

… and today, I just can’t stare at those books, so I am taking a day off to recover from this burn.

do a little dance, make a little love!

i feel too guilty if i’m not buried in my notes

only a few more days - i can make it

go for a decent workout, a jog or a swim that freshens you up. nothing too streneous mind you. I think that will help.