Stripper AMA

Would KMD be so kind as to run point on this? There are a ton of question that I am legitimately dying to know, like:

What % of the girls are really working their way through college?

What % of the girls are willing to meet you for an “extra-benefits” session after their shift?

What do you do to make the best money?

(etc. etc.)

So you want to know that you are not over bidding for the extra services?


AMA = Ask Me Anything. Basically requesting a Q & A…

Oh. I thought it was American Motorcyclist Association

  1. If they say they are in college, they probably are. However, I am against the notion that to be a dancer you must legitimise it some how by preparing for something “worth while” . Work is work. Some women are career dancers. They are smart with their money, make investments, and retire at age 45…why not? (yes 45, If you see a woman who looks 45 is is probably because she is actually 60! LOL)

  2. extra benefits… this depends on the culture of the estabishment. I mind my own business so I can’t say for sure, but the culture of where I work is BEHAVE because if you don’t, everyone will hate you for cutting into their money. Every now and then the dressing room will erupt over whats-her-face doing this that and the other thing.

  3. I don’t appeal to everyone because I wear “consevative” dresses and not every guy goes for the blunt bangs thing. I’m not comfortable being super flirty and basically have a take it or leave it attitude. I make less than some of the more 'strippery" ones but as least I can say with honesty that I enjoy what I do. One of my most profitable shifts was when a guy paid me $1000 to do 3 shots… he paid it because I had never had a drink in my entire life! This was 2 years ago. The guy is now my legitimate friend… he is a programmer who trades oil futures so he has taught me much of what I know about trading and now programming…ANYWAY, I make 40% from men who genuinely find me intriguing, 14% stage income… and 45% from horney guys who just want private dances… and 1% in 20s I just find laying on the ground :slight_smile:

What were your 2 favorite stage songs?

oooo my turn!

  1. Do you have one of those cliche stage names like diamond or candy?

  2. Full or topless?

  3. by “cutting into their money” do you mean some chick that gives “extras” gets all of the other girls mad at them?

KMD greatest thing to happen to AF since RR was banned?

  1. What are the top 3, most prestigious strip clubs?

  2. What is the career path for a stripper and exit opps?

  3. I’m an overweight Indian male working in IT, but I have a strong interest in stripping, is the move feasible for me?

  4. I’m struggling to get my foot in the door, how can I increase my chances of getting a stripper interview?

No chance. IB or ER is easier.


Hahaaaa! +1000

  1. “mickela” 2) started full… just topless now… couldn’t go back to the former 3) bingo!.. why would a guy spend money on “just a dance” when cupcake over there is lose with the extras? We hate that girl! On the other thread, BS mentioned the darker side of the industry. It would be dishonest of me to say it does not exist. I am somewhat unusual in that dancing was always a choice. I have also had the luxury of being able to care myself in mind and body. Unfortunately there are some who are not comfortable with it and do it out of necessity. They often feel more desperate and are more likely to behave poorly since they already checked integrity at the door out of necessity. They also have self destructive habits and various problems. Thats the ugly side… and I forget about it often because the ladies I associate with are more like me.

sounding pretty hacksaw to me. Ditch those dreams of chippendales.

ahh thanks.

great idea Greenman

CvM is turning in his grave

Why does a stripper decide not to take a guy’s money, sit with and dance for him all night, and then meet him later to do the dirty?

And if you’re a stripper that has emerged from the industry unscathed, I suggest you buy a lottery ticket.

I’m curious about the pressures to get surgical enhancements. How common are they, how strong are they, how many women in that industry do it, and does it make a real difference in earning power (assuming they are roughly normal sized going in).

AF meetup in Philadelphia? KMD you have an unbelievable story. Fascinating if true. I just can’t imagine a stripper carrying around CFA notecards and an economist. Unreal.

What are your hours usually? What do you typically say when you get propositioned to meet up after with weirdos that have lots of money?

  1. does size matter?

  2. if youre lap dancing a dude and he sports a chub in you, do you consider it flattering or gross?