Struggling on what to do?

Read through CFAI curriculum once, read through Stalla 2011 curriculum. About 200 hours under my belt but no real grasp of any specifics…I dont have any practice tests other than what’s provided by CFAI and dont want to start on those so early. Any one have advice? Start drilling on EOC?

Yes EOC and other practice problems

idk how anyone can spend 200 hours on this material and have 0 EOC completed. like what else can you be doing that 200 hours has gone by and 0 EOC has been done…

Don’t want to start on those early?? There’s never a “too early”… Just ask that Schweser guy, what’s his name " Robert, MBA " or something


Sorry I didnt clarify, when I did the Curriculum readthrough, I answered every single EOC question and also did the EOCs in stalla 2011 curriculum, that would make up the difference…my question is should I stick with CFA EOCs or buy Passmaster or QBANK?

Also is it worth it to buy additional exams?

I’m in exactly the same position (read all CFAi text + completed all EOC questions). My approach from here on out will be to re-read all highlighted portions of the text (my own highlights), repeat blue-box and EOC questions, while also attempting practice exams (starting late April).

Staying away from Schweser/Stalla, but may use their tests at some point.

I would start on those practice tests! Iteracom’s got the right idea, there’s never a too early. I would go through 1 every week or two just to see the types of questions they are asking. Another part of the learning curve at level 3 is learning HOW to answer the essay questions. If you don’t have that many practice tests just go through them multiple times. The questions wont change but your answers will. You’ll get practice at formatting you answers correctly and you’ll probably see some things on those tests that are not covered in the EOC’s.

I agree there is no “too soon”. If you are feeling up to it, start taking sample exams. Worst case scenario is that you end up buying some other exams down the road. Not a big deal.