Struggling with motivation??

Im struggling getting to into a routine with my studies. The only thing I managed to do was to register as a candidate for June 2015. With Level 1 & 2, I only studied the last 3- 4 months. I desperately need some motivation right row as I fear Level 3 most!

This may not be everybody’s cup of tea, but I found the “Daily Question and answer” on quite helpful. I get a question sent to my work email every day, and this means i cover at least something everyday – even if I just browse through the question. I also found that when I don’t understand the question/solution – im motivated to do an investigative study on that specific topic which is far more interesting than siting down with the study pack and staring at the same words until you fall asleep.

But there are other ways that can help you like joining a local study group or reward yourself with a hot sex every tiime you reach a milestone in your studies - it works!!

  • Put three letters after your name

  • Think what would you be doing this time next year? hitting the books?

  • Exercise

Make an effort to at least put in 15 - 30 minutes every day before you hit your 3-4 month sweet spot. It will pay off.

the fear of failing, wasting all that time, and have to redo it all over again should be pretty dang good motivation. Either quit now and limit your opportunity cost to registration fee paid, or go all out.

Dog, its way to early to start studying. Wait til January and be motivated by then.


It’s never too early.

Fear can be a very strong motivator.

Yes it is…you read, think you retained, and forget…because of too much time inbetween reading and test time.

^ Disagree. It’s like muscle memory. The second time around will be much easier.

I can’t find the thread but we were all in the same situation this time last year, for whatever reason, level 3 is the hardest level to motivate yourself for. Maybe it’s because level 2 is hellish, maybe it’s because everyone you meet in the industry says the same line about how once you’ve passed level 2 it’s plain sailing to the 3 letters, i don’t know…

But anyway, just chip away at it and do what you can until the new year. I managed to get through BF and less than half of individual PM but it really stood me in good stead. kicked up a gear in the new year and had plenty of time for revision and nailing down the exam technique, ended up doing more hours than for levels 1 or 2.

To be honest, motivation was a struggle for me all the way through level 3 but i’m so fecking glad i stuck at it.

L3 is harder because there are less things to “memorize”. Therefore, you have the impression that you aren’t studying as hard.

Often going through a few past papers motivates you to resolve to be able to answer most of it by January and totally by end of March. Once that target is set you will be motivated to work towards it (as passing or failing in June is not totally under your control but to be able to attempt the past paper to score around 75-85% is verifiable and within your ability!).

Have been planning to start for a while, but some unexpected work pressures and deadlines have meant I have been delaying starting my studies. Have some family committments in January which would make studying close to impossible. I guess this rant is a better motivation coz I know am pretty much off track as I could take time to warm up to the books :slight_smile:

^ Less posting and more studying should be your motto.