Stuck in 75-80% limbo...

I’m going through a bit of a rollercoaster ride these days…some days I don’t think there is any hope that I will ever pass this, other days I feel fairly confident. I have gone through the material twice, taken notes, managed about 1,600 question on Q-Bank (averaging around 75-82%), done the first 2 Schweser Test exams (around 75-80%)…but still feel like I keep forgetting the most vital bits. I seem to be stuck in 75-80% limbo, which is not bad of course, but I definitely want to aim for the mid-80s by exam time. I am also finding it increasingly hard to focus on one particular area. Say I am studying equities. While I am reading about relative valuation techniques, I suddenly start wondering about PAC collars and when I can’t remember right away how that works, I get totally distracted from what I am supposed to be studying! So I end up jumping back and forth, which is probably not the most intelligent way to study!!!

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you’ll be fine. a consistent 75-80% is great.

If you are scoring 75-80…what makes you think you are forgetting the most vital bits exactly? You have 33 days left (a huge amount of time if managed efficiently)…what makes you think you can’t hammer down those vital bits in that time frame? Based on what you’ve posted, there is no reason you should not be confident.

Well to be fair, a lot of people here are saying schweser exams are essentially moot in terms of practice, and that ONLY CFAI samples and CFAI questions are worth studying. Is this true? Only time will tell

Hey, don’t beat me all up at once!!! Was having a bad evening…and yes, I am aware that a 75-80% average is far from bad! But we all know that the real thing is different from the practice exams and it has been pointed out on this forum before that we should aim for practice exam results in the high 80s to be sure to pass!

I’m stuck in a 70 % limbo of curriculum coverage ! … ie: Haven’t touched FRA and Economics yet… hope that makes you feel better :slight_smile: But srsly, 75 - 80 % accuracy is commendable and it can be comfortably built upon in the next 1 month towards perfection.