Student Seeking Job

I am a student from the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, simply a non-target school, and I am working to break into banking. I know it is hard, and I know I am competing with students who have been preparing for their careers since early on in high school, but whenever I sit down and think about it, there is nothing I know of, that I would rather do than finance. The perspective financial knowledge grants an individual about the world is truly profound and is continually impressing me with its scope as I further my learning. So if anyone has advice that might help in the process of job searching, I would be very appreciative.

For some context, I am and have been applying all over the place for many months. Different roles and different firms. Attempting to network on LinkedIn to no avail.

I would eventually like to experience the hedge fund industry, and have reasonably research career paths. I believe I am doing what I should be, but am open to being told I am completely wrong.

Thank you for your time and consideration!

Students never know what they actually want to do. What do you mean by banking? Investment banking? Investment bankers don’t learn much financial knowledge. It’s mostly self harm and deal experience.

What about finance is attractive to you?

Concrete next steps? Compile a list of all the boutique investment banks. I don’t know the landscape well anymore, but places like Morgan Keegan, Stephens, stifel, kbw, etc. Get a list of contacts and start networking. You can try the bigger ones, but my experience suggests getting in a boutique and then switching to a larger firm once you’ve demonstrated you are a great employee is easier than getting in to the big boys cold. But that’s just anecdote.

Different departments hire differently. Investment banking will have classes and if you don’t apply and get in at a certain time, you miss the shot. Research tends to be more when openings occur.

Agree. Nobody wants to deal with students, `because you never know, what to expect from them. Maybe tomorrow he/she will say “That’s not what I want” and go home. When you will be with empty workplace, instead of an employee.

Investing your time and knowledge in students it`s like an IT startup, very risky

So would your advice be to, like an IT startup, pitch myself as a worthy investment due to my commitment to the industry and the value of my underlying IP?