Students....exam time

Anyone else have finals around the corner? I have 4 exams (2 of which are major) in a span of 6 days. I’ve lived in the library for the past 2 weeks pumping out 9-12 hour solid study days and still got another week before my first final starts…just that time of year again :frowning:

If I was back in college I would not study and go out and rip it up. Trust me you have enough time to fix a C later. now go out

I should have studied more in undergrad and my GPA shows it, but I don’t thnk it really affects much in my situation

I dunno, I was thinking of starting my CFA Level 1 preps tomorrow night.

Id love to go out…havent seen some of my buddies in 2-3 weeks!! but im aiming for that perfect 4.0 this semester (and hopefully every semester after until i graduate in 09) so i can get my sucky 3.3 GPA up :frowning: pffft bchadwick…Tomorrow night? I could start my prep saturday morning and still put level 1 up against the wall and just rape it.

UNDERGRADS …WTF are you doing on this forum anyways ?

meh…good question

If I had to go to another class I’d shoot myself in the head. I like working and self study better.

I have my finals next week. Almost done with the undergrad. Woo!

being done with undergrad is hardly something to Woo! about.

btw, sorry to thread-jack, but how does the GPA scoring system work? if you’re aiming for a 4.0, does this mean you need to get 100% in each subject??? if so, good luck to ya

All it means is that you need an A in each subject. A= 4 Points. So whatever the weighted score for an A equals (93%+ etc) is what Mez needs. FYI, most firms that post a GPA requirement usually say they prefer 3.3 or higher. I have never seen a firm demand a 3.75. It doesn’t hurt though. Good luck!

GPAs work like this: You get a letter grade for range of percentage grades. for example, 90%+ is an A, while 80-89% is an A- then the GPA is assigned to each letter: A = 4.0 GPA A- = 3.7 GPA Im essentially aiming for 90%+ in each course

4.0 means getting an A. Getting an A means getting different ranges in different universities. The easiest example is A: 90-100, B:80-89, C:70-79. Of course those ranges will change with the introduction of +/-. Usually an A is closer to 94-100 and A- is 90-93. Again, all this varies widely depending on schools (and professors) and this is just for illustrative purposes.

The place I’m currently at required a 3.70. Not normal, but some firms do it.

Or if you major in engineering - A - 70+ B+ 65-69 B 60-64 C+ 55-59 C 50-54 D 40-49

ahhh interesting…we work differently over here in australia… we just get an actual score… 65-75% Credit 75-85% Distinction 85%+ High Distinction so i graduated with a distinction average, what does this mean if i was to translate it into a GPA??

probably in the B range…i would guess around 3.0-3.4

damn, doesnt sound so good anymore when you translate it like that… how acheivable is a 4.0 GPA though? like, how many ppl can realistically get that? cos over here, getting a High Distinction avg (85+%) is almost ridiculously hard… since it counts every single subject you study

Depends alot on the school you go to (some profs/schools like to inflate marks…), but general its extremely extremely hard I would say to get a cumulative of 4.0 by the time you graduate. I would say anything over 3.6 - 3.7 is quiet impressive.