Study aim for this weekend?

I’m planning on writiing up my notes for the FI section. I did all the readings and the questions from the schweser this week.

Next week i’ll hit deriv or PM not sure what’s next in the books…

I’ll try and put in 8hrs of studying and few hrs spring cleaning. My house is a bit of a mess…

Mine is similar - finishing the last 2 readings of FI and then starting Derivatives

Schweser readings on fixed income… Will be doing 9-5 on Saturday and about 5 hours on Sunday. Really need to take it up a notch, I feel panic starting to set in!

Hoping to finish alt inv by sunday night

CFAI EOC for FRA – trying to hit 10-15hrs studying. Rest of the time relaxing

Hi everyone, I am new to the forum, so far I am only through Ethics, Corp Fin and FRA (not finished with EOC yet).

I am planning to complete all Equity readings today and eoc’s, and hopefully move on to FI.

Can you suggest if I should just finish off the EOCs for what I have completed thus far on Sunday or do FI on sunday?

Thanks a TON!!!

I have also given up Facebooking since the beginnign of February, and boy, the time that saves is priceless!!! yes