Study and Career Advice Needed (Finance)

Hi all i have been currently studying a bachelor of commerce (majoring in accounting) and would like advice in whether to take finance as my second major. However, i do not have any plans to study for honours and this will probably restrict or even give me no chance in my search of finance jobs especially in investment banking or corporate finance. I’m planning to do a second major in marketing where can i ace all the subjects due to my passion(pardon me, i love marketing but its hard to get a job in the advertising field too) but however most/many would feel that there is no link between Accounting + Marketing in a business degree. Peer pressure might actually enlist me into doing Accounting + Finance in the end but i might only end up with a degree with pass grades. So i’m wondering, does bank employers actually value the finance major of a business/commerce undergrad degree even if you had just pass grades like from 50-70? I will looking for a starting career as a credit analyst in a commercial bank or being a financial controller / analyst inside corporate finance. However, i do believe the latter jobs as being a financial controller or analyst do require job experience and stellar grades which i don’t think that i’m able to achieve in a finance major. Anybody had experience in these roles before and know the requirements of getting in? I would also like advice on whether to do a future Msc in Applied Finance which covers the whole 70% CFA curriculum or just purely study for the CFA on my own. The traditional route of breaking into investment banking is to do an MBA at a top ivy or achieve 1st class honours in finance during your undergrad years but however i’m looking at other alternatives. Is there a need to study for CFA because its just open up doors to being a fund manager and equities research? Is it a wise to do a Msc in Applied finance and then a CFA? Does studying an Msc in applied finance open up any job opportunities in the future? Does a CFA actually open up any doors into investment banking at all? Any professional certifications which i should be looking at to further my future job advancements like CAIA and FRM?

If you want to go into investment banking, the CFA is a complete waste of time. If you want to go into equity research or investment management, the CFA is a must have. But, more importantly, why are you majoring in accounting and going into finance if your passion is marketing? Follow your passion. It doesn’t matter how “hard” it is to get a job in marketing, if that’s what you love, go do it. If you really want it, then make it happen. It doesn’t make sense that you would admit marketing is your passion, but give up on it because it’s “hard” to find a job. Do you think it’s easy to find a job in finance?

Accounting and especially math are always useful.

Hi Melakia, I studied accounting because i have learned it in high school before and its something that i enjoy other than marketing. The reason for me to major accounting + finance is because everybody was telling me that there are strong synergies between both majors other than econs + finance or marketing + management (but i hate management subjects). If i wanted to be marketing manager or a job in advertising, all i need is a degree or some other low tertiary education !? (Its like anybody could be a marketing manager as long you have common knowledge, the right attitude towards work, creativity, flair for writing and communication skills? All you need is to start low from a marketing assistant and work your way up to management? Correct me if im wrong though. But ya, i do agree with you that i should make it happen in marketing if i really want it. A job in finance isn’t easy to find either but i open to options such as commercial banking or accounting positions in corporate finance. Hi MehdiOchre Should i pursue a postgraduate in financial maths?