Study Books under University Resources on CFAI

Hi All, I’m new to the boards but I’m sitting for Level I in June 08. I have a question regarding additional study materials besides Schweser & Stalla. There are three to four books listed on the website under university resources. (CFA Insitute Investment Series) The description states they can be used at the university level but I would like to know if anyone has used these in conjunction with their CFA curriculum to study. I’m trying to get all of the studying and preparation in I can now so I won’t feel as rushed when the 2008 sample exams are released in March or April. Any recommendatons or should I purchase the study notes from Schweser?

I think you should ask this question after the dec 1st session you’ll get a lot more answers

true, well said. we’ll know if our study methods work once we get the yay/nay in late dec.

yeh thats true… but if you’ve got the money, then why not? cant hurt to have a few more resources at hand