Study/Exam Prep - What to do after full review?

While I haven’t studied any more than previous levels at this stage, I’ve managed to cover the majority of the readings (with CFAI EOC/BB). Hopefully this isn’t seen as bragging or anything (it’s a good problem to have) but how would you guys proceed?

It seems the only way to practice AM-style questions is to do past paper questions, but doing these in March feels very early and I’m not sure I want to be “using” them up this early.

there was a similar sentiment expressed a couple of days ago … and I had responded on that …

I personally think

a) do the questions now

b) get used to the style

c) refine your test taking approach

d) redo the questions again

no “using” up early - but “use them wisely”.

Additionally - doing the questions gives you “hooks” to hang on the remaining learning.

I will do something like this:

Now- mid-April: condense notes, go through all BBs and EOC questions again

mid-April - end April: go through condensed notes, BBs and EOC

beg. of May - 23 June : practice practice practice