Study for exam using CFAI Learning Ecosystem

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I’m returning to the CFA program after couple of years. I’ve passed CFA level I at first attempt in December 2014 using schweser study notes & Qbank. Afterwards I registered for CFA level II in June 2016 but I practically did not start any preparations and resulted miserably.

After 7 years I’ve decided to finalize my CFA program and I’ve signed up for August 23 level II exam. At first, having in mind my experiences from level I, I planned to study using some third party provider materials (presumably Kaplan) but I’ve noticed that CFAI studying materials (Learning Ecosystem) has actually become very user friendly (at least at first glance).

Now I’m wondering whether CFAI Learning Ecosystem + some mock exams is enough to prepare in solid manner for the exam? What are your opinions and experiences?

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ROFLOL!! I passed level 1 in 2003. I just took level 2 nov 2022. I had a great plan, until i got punched in the mouth (Mike Tyson)… I had to relearn Quant Level1 and a few other things. As i got deeper into the material it got longer and more difficult. Too much info for such a short test and i was running low on time. Kaplan would have been good enough, but the videos i found difficult to digest, IFT videos were great but i found him my last week. Mark Meldrum i hear great things about. I will reup with Kaplan for the QBank etc… but videos will come from IFT or MM.
Plan to watch each video, read the notes, and take questions. Then retake questions. If you get through the qbank twice you pass. Don’t miss a scheduled study session thinking you will make it up next week. Plan for much more study time on the more difficult areas Qaunt/Econ/Ethics don’t take much time, the others do.