Study Group CFA L1 Northern Virginia, US


People interested to form a study group in northern virginia region (Herndon, Reston, Mclean, Tysons, DC etc) for June 2012 CFA L1 exam. Kindly post here so that we can form a group.

I m not in Virginia region but as I just cleared Level 1 so most of the concept are fresh so incase u need help in any topic,let me know


Thanks for help. Was it your first attempt for level 1. im kinda nervous about d exam already so was wondering of groups to disucss and study which often helps. by any chance do u have schweser notes? also can u give an overall study strategy to pass for level 1?

Yeah,This was my first attempt.Dont be nervous,Let me tell u very frankly,I am a mechanical engineerand then worked in It for two years and then joined MBA,saying this I mean that a person having no prior exp in FInance can clear the exam in 3 months then aneone can clear it in 3 and half months so relax and stay focused.I have shweser notes.If needed will send u and details of study plan too.

Hey, that was insightful and motivating. i am hoping to clear it too in the first attempt. It would be really great if you send the schweser notes, question banks and mocks exams if you have any and the study plan too. My email id Thanks a ton. ill keep in touch with you regarding any help i need in a particular section.

Also my skype is shwetasinha85.

hey i am also prep for level 1…it’s really grt to knw abt the initiative!!