Study Group - CFA Level 3 - Edmonton, Alberta, Canada


Anyone in Edmonton looking for a CFA L3 Study Partner? Ideally, I am looking for study partner to mark each other’s mock cases and sample questions during the month of May 2012.

If you don’t live in Edmonton, would anyone be interested via email to mark each others’ mock cases and sample questions?

Hi, have you had any replies? My name is Ralph and I live in Edmonton. I’ve signed up for the creighton review course, so I’ll be away for the Boston and Schweser live mock exams. I still plan to do them on my own when I get back though. If you’re still looking for a study partner, let me know.

Hi Guys, I will join you in Edmonton this July…hopefully with level 3 in my suitcase…

During level 2 I even started thinking about a review course in May but they are all too close to the exam date. I first thought about Windsor. Didn’t know about Creighton.

I will run alone again, with the help from AFers.

All the best for you guys. Hope we can meet in Edmonton, drinking at least one beer per level (I think it deserves 3 per level!) :slight_smile:

Hey tigas, if you’re lucky all the snow should be gone by then:) I agree, 3 beers per level sounds like a good starting point

By the way… I have just received the ok for my immigration visa… can’t wait :), and my bike too!

keep in touch

(I’ll bookmark this thread so I can e-mail you after the exam).

good luck!

Sounds good tgas, we’ll catch up after the exam. Congrats on your visa

Hi Long Journey,

Already settled in Edmonton. Tried to contact you by e-mail, not sure if you got it.

Waiting for the beers before the 7 of August! :slight_smile:

I will wait for your feedback.