Study Group - CFA Level III - Singapore


Just wondering if there is anyone that is interested in studying over the weekends together in the coming months.

Maybe once a week or something.

Might as well try to have an early start for the readings.

Hi, would you be open for a Skype study group?

once a week or few times a week would be good.

Hello, I’d be interested in a Skype study group too…

Hi Yee,

I’m based in London you can skype me at essexboy0529.

SO DO I IAM INTERESTED IN a Skype study group

meshal, yee

send me an invite on skype essexboy0529 and let’s schedule a meeting for mapping out the study timeline.

Hey guys, I am interested in study group. Have you started with this?

@jesslym I am in S’pore. Maybe we can study over the weekends together.

Skype ID anantjain87




Hi Jess,

I just posted a new thread for a study group in Singapore for L3, then noticed your post. Did you manage to set something up already? If so, I would be happy to join, I just started working through session 3 and 4 of the curriculum and aim to finish up beharioral finance before the end of this month.

I travel a lot for work but will be in Singapore on a regular basis so we can do either skype or meetings.