Study Group for CFA level 2 2012 - Mumbai

Hi guys, I am also taking Level 2 in June , 2012 and would love to meet anyone interested in studying together or discussing doubts on the subjects. So that we can puch eachother and crack Level 2 which is considered as most difficult of CFA level… Interested ppl Please post your email id or skype id

See Hook Up forum…

I am in

I am game…

There is a group also on fb “CFA level 2 Group June 2012” Kindly join this group also…

Guys… Me and some of my friends are doing a group study starting 29 Oct ( post Diwali)… All of us reside between Santacruz and Malad and will be studying @ NMIMS - Vile Parle… what abt you guys?? what’s d plan??

@krangrej - Cant find the group on FB… please can you check and revert facebook group

hey 120 days to go .Howz preparation goin???

Plz add me in the group:

Skpe Id praveen_gim

How is it going on this group?

Anyone taking a month long sabbatical in may?