Study group - for L2 - interested?

I passed L1 in Dec 09 and going for L2 in June 10 Reflecting back on my study methods for L1, I now realize that I could have invested less amount of study and still passed the exam. One of the main factor missing in my L1 study was a study group - lack of which didnt make all my hours equally productive. I recently moved to Toronto (Canada) and dont know a lot of people doing CFA. Even if I knew, meeting the study group 1-2 times a week with a full time job is not easy. I dont know if others believe or not but I think having a studying group( a mastermind group having same goals meeting each other regularly is CRUCIAL to success) I am suggesting here that we make a study group online and meet on skype / yahoo 1-2 times a week - discuss of targets, motivate each other and make L2 happen this June 10. Let me know if anyone wants to join!! My email is