Study Group Hartford CT

Any CFA candidates from or around Hartford CT on here? I am yet to see any study groups or anyone even mention the location on the board.

Surprisingly enough… yes. I live and work in Hartford and currently am studying for the Level I exam in June – good times. I assume that since you are asking, you live in or near Hartford too. What level are you studying for?

Wow, I really thought I was alone on here. I currently work at SHS. Living not too far down the road in wethersfield. Usually I stay after work to study. Studying for L2 this year…

I am from UConn in Storrs. Anyone there?

Hey new_world_2010, That’s my alma mater. Which level are you preparing for?

Hey, How are you preparing? I live in Hartford as well.

I am a Level-1 candidiate living in Hartford, CT.

Hey, sorry for the delay. Haven’t checked this thread in awhile. I take a Stalla live class at the Uconn Graduate Business school which seems to be helping. Usually I come into work or Uconn to study on the weekends.

LETS GO HUSKIES! born and raised in the big WH- live in boston now though. i miss harry’s pizza. good luck all with your studies.

Bannisja, Hall high school? I’m a 2001 grad.

Dapper425: I am preparing for level 2. It seems that you are preparing for level 2 too. Good luck :wink:

just saw this now jobsearch- yes hall high- if you are a 2001 grad, holy crap you’re young. graduated a good 7 yrs before you. good luck with your studies. brass bonanza long live the whale.

Hey New_World you too! You in the MBA program up there?

Hi Dapper: Yes, I am. Do you attend the CFA event in Hartford this week?

No, totally missed it. I havent gone to any yet. How are they?

I think it worth the time, very relaxing and many smart people there :wink:

Thanks new world. I will have to check it out then!

So it’s the last week. If anyone wants to meet up in hartford let me know.