Study group in London?

Guys, any level IIIer in London. Any of you plan to set up a study group? We might also need a good location so that we can gather and discuss (not in a pub and no alcohol plz :). My MSN: ndzhai at hotmail dot com

I’ve struggled to find a study group because I think most people are leaving it until the new year before starting. Perhaps we can start our own group. I’ll drop you an email.

Will check your email cisnirtni We should set it up and start some work, at least some preliminary reading …

I’ve never been in a study group before, what do you do/how often do you meet etc…?

hi there – cisnirtni and I haven’t worked out a detailed plan yet. We may start some reading for now and get into the mode in early next year. A study group for level 3 could be helpful especially for the morning essey session. So that we can gather and discuss each other’s writings and improve. But for the afternoon session, self study could be more important. This is just my own understanding …

I have recently started with my preparation for CFA Level-1 for June 2010. Yet to come out with an elaborative plan. But it should be sometime soon. Looking forward to meet/form a group in London who are aiming for June 2010 CFA L-1. I can be reached at