Study Group in St. Louis LV. 1 in June 2011

Anyone interested?

How about online? Would it suit your style?

I could do it online, but doesn’t really fit my style. I am looking for a face to face group to discuss individual problems and help each other out. My experiience online is that it often it becomes a clowning around fest online. I see examples of that on this forum. Do you live in St. Louis?

I might be able to depending on where we live. Would you like to discuss further?

I would like to discuss further. I live in Troy, MO. I would suggest meeting at a library or someplace like that that is relatively quiet and we can study without being interrupted too frequesntly. What are your thoughts.

That would be good but I live in Fenton, MO about 50 miles from your place. I am not sure if we can pull this thing without much hassle on both ends. What do you think? My email id is username@yahoo.

Hello, Sorry I didn’t reply in time, but I would like to meet with other test-takers for the final month. I live in Maryland Heights so the commute shouldn’t be difficult. Are you still scheduled for June exam? If so, please let me know if your still interested for meeting up. My e-mail is Leo