Study Group Level 2 - Stamford, CT

Stamford, CT - level 2 anyone? I’m looking for a place to meet daily OR a few days a week to study. Anything that will get me out of my aparment. The stamford library closes at 9pm. We could try that - or maybe another venue. I knocked out Level 1 on my own, but Level 2 is a long, dark and lonely road that I don’t want to walk on alone. e-mail -, Aj


HAHA nice ZIM…

I’m still looking for serious candidates to study with. I thought this forum would help, but so far I’ve only seen some redundant posts from ‘ZimZim’ and ‘GoodGuy’- who spend most of their spare time on this blog. Anyone else out there in Stamford? Aj

I am a serious candidate thank you very much, I am studying for Level III. I also live in Stamford off High Ridge road but I don’t think I want to study with someone as smug as you who can’t understand a light hearted joke. Good luck Tough Guy