Study Group, London Docklands

Hi, Received my CFA material a couple of weeks back. Finding it difficult to keep myself motivated and getting going with it. Perhaps forming a study/review group will help me retain focus, force me to study. Anyone else on the same boat? I am looking at meeting for an hour or two per week, preferably Canary Wharf or nearby areas. We can decide on topics to study for the next week, and then discuss any problem areas etc. Thanks, Vivek

Idea store @ canary wharf, dose that sound good? I need to keep myself motivated too.

Hey HooYaa hallelujah! Idea store sounds like a good Idea! You can contact me at vivek.rai @ gmail. com and we can discuss further.

excelent, ill send you an email this evening. If anyone else is interested…you have vivek’s email address…i am sure he woudnt mind being contacted. :slight_smile:

btw, how far r u with the material? I started with quant study sessions, and have read the first chapter, intend to do the rest of quant in the coming weekend*. My own plan/preference was to read the more “concept and practice” oriented bits first, and read memory oriented bits (like ethics, economics etc) towards the later part. Anyways, I am flexible with this, we can discuss and decide on a timetable. *(IF i don’t hit the euromillions jackpot, that is)

I might be interested in this, but where is this idea store?

Churchill Place London E14 5RB (looks close to the Barclays building)