study group - MUMBAI

guys…i am interested in forming a study group for those who are giving level 2 june 2010… lets come together, help each other and crack this beast ! reply awaited – thankyou

i am from mumbai only … i am going to start my prep from dec. whats ur status ??

well i am planning to start arnd mid october…where do u work n stay…? u can reply at

i stay in powai …

Wrong forum. Study group threads belong in “Hook Up.”

I haven’t started as yet… would be starting soon… did you all paid the fees and got your CFAI books!!! I am also from Powai… Currently in Pune…

i gt the books…m located in vashi…new bombay…bt i have no idea wen i ll start studyin…

yet i haven’t registered … may be by 20th of this month …

Hi… I am from Western Mumbai… Registered for L 2… can catch @

are all of you working in finance related jobs??? I am asking this because i am from software background… just curious… is there any software engineer on board as well!! Soon planning to enter the world of finance…

heya… post your email id’s to get in touch… btw such a small grp giving L2 frm Mumbai

Well, my residence is in Marol, very close to Powai. Unfortunately, I’m in Pune for my MBA and won’t be back before Feb!

Hi…i am from western mumbai. how about meeting once a week for group study for L2. Seems like quite a few candidates here are from powai… anyone interested can get in touch on

Hi… Meeting once in a week shudnt b a prob. But who all have started studyin and how much have you guy’s completed. I am planning to study frm Dec end… @ Rahul: Ghar aa jha dost… :wink:

Guys, I am planning to come back to india for good. I received my charter recently and would be looking @ opportunities in the Front office. I am currently working in the middle office for a $3 billion Hedge fund in NYC for 4 years now. Do you guys know of any big Executive recruiting firm in mumbai in asset management? Any insight will be deeply appreciated Thanks

@ Jobsearch08

So, did any of guys meet up?

guys we should def meet up n study together once a week…interested people …reply back. my id is

Hi guys, Did any of u meet up to study, I am Mumbai In Sanatacruz, anyone intrested in meeting uop once a week to clear out each others doubts

Hi Guys, I am Level 3 candidate. I stay at goregaon. Any L3 candidates please lemme know. my email ID is