Study groups in Chicago?

I’m just wondering if there is anybody out there looking to form a weekly group. I’m downtown, let me know.

Rambozo- I work downtown and live near Navy Pier. I’d be interested in putting together a study group. Which level are you studying for?

HI both - I am starting to study for level 1 June exam. I would be interested in a study group. Let me know. I live in UK Village.

Hi Elina- Do you work downtown? If so, maybe we can find some place to meet near our offices or in the River North area.

I’m taking Lvl 2. I live in River West area but am moving to Old Town soon. I’m open to trying out a study group. I work in the loop as well.

nealks - e-mail me elinag01 at i don’t work downtown - so i get back to the city around and can meet around 8pm or weekends.

Hey Texasex I live in Lincoln Park and am interested in an L2 group. Email me at marilla dot gedge @ Thanks

Sent you an email lanerj!