Study habits at the end

What are you guys doing now? I am doing practice questions 99% of the time now. Just EOC questions and retaking mock exams for the 3rd or 4th time. At this point are you guys just practicing and utilizing a formula sheet or flash card system? I occasionally use flashcard software called Anki.

you are in good shape :slight_smile: I’m still studyng, 4 topics left X_X

Good luck! I’m not in such great shape. I think I need to spend more time on formulas.

Hey Tennisdude,

Would you care to share your Anki flashcard?



+1… flashcards should be helpful!

70% of the time re-reading chapters

I’m in a rough spot. I’ve read through the Schweser books, watched the videos (to my shame, while multi-tasking), and have done mock exams 1&2 (Scoring 50-65%). I took next week off. I plan on spending these remaining days working through every single EoC question in the CFAI cirriculum and finishing the remaining 5 mock exams I have access to. Been a crazy 6 months, (Job change, bought a condo, also doing an MBA).

This is the best plan I can come up with, but I’m definitely open to better suggestions. Please, help!

Duplicate post, please delete.

Duplicate post, please delete.

Created a study guide based on my notes from my readthough and from mock questions. From here I plan on re-working all EOC questions from the CFA textbooks and taking at least 2 more mock exams with close review. Planning to take all of next week off of work to 100% focus on the exam.

Routinely scoring in a range from 62% to 72%, missing 2-3 points per exam for “dumb” reasons such as misreading a question. I’m hoping I can focus on mastering one or two more areas to gain a few more points on the exam to bring home that congratulations letter.

Good luck to everyone. Remember, if you put in the time and effort you’ve got a great shot at passing. Don’t worry about failing becasue the added pressure on yourself won’t help your score on June 2nd.