Study hours required for CAIA L2

Can I ask some advice how much time you put in and if you passed or not for level 2. I am contemplating possibly CAIA L2 March 2023 and then CFA L2 is in May 2023. I am only asking, what amount of time it took one on average to pass L2 CAIA. Given I have 4 months.

Kind of unrelated but did you know that If you passed level 3 you only take the last part of the CAIA exam?

Hey, I just saw this… They say about 200 hrs, but I studied more like 230.

For comparison, in CFA I studied less than 300 hrs for each level. Overall CAIA is not as difficult as CFA, but don’t underestimate it. I didn’t take CAIA-1 since I have CFA, but I’d put CAIA-2 as slightly more difficult than CFA-1, but not as hard as CFA-2 or 3.