Study hours required for CAIA L2

Can I ask some advice how much time you put in and if you passed or not for level 2. I am contemplating possibly CAIA L2 March 2023 and then CFA L2 is in May 2023. I am only asking, what amount of time it took one on average to pass L2 CAIA. Given I have 4 months.

Kind of unrelated but did you know that If you passed level 3 you only take the last part of the CAIA exam?

Hey, I just saw this… They say about 200 hrs, but I studied more like 230.

For comparison, in CFA I studied less than 300 hrs for each level. Overall CAIA is not as difficult as CFA, but don’t underestimate it. I didn’t take CAIA-1 since I have CFA, but I’d put CAIA-2 as slightly more difficult than CFA-1, but not as hard as CFA-2 or 3.

I passed Level II this March very comfortably after a month and half of studying. Probably 150 hours give or take. I found Uppermark and Wiley question banks to be very useful. I took notes on all the questions that I got wrong the first time.

I have very gently used Uppermark books, flash cards, and formula sheet to transfer. I am happy to throw in all the notes that I’ve assembled along the way for an efficient final review. Please message me if you happen to be interested. Thank you.

Hi, congratulations.

I am looking for any CAIA level 1 question banks. I have some from Schweser but nowhere near enough.

What are some good websites to purchase or find. I looked at some but they only allow you to buy the question banks with the books and I already have the books. Thanks

Hi can you please mail me level 2 notes and question banks at