I ll be working till 5 o clock on friday , and then start driving to NY, I am in PA i am jealous man

yeah wtf. i used up 4 of my personal vacation days to study. i would much rather have used only 2 and have the company match the other 2.

Hi guys, Well I will be taking 3 weeks off from mid dec to beginning of Janauary and used my holidays for study. I am planning to do a 10 hrs study each day for LI June 09. I am bit sad since I am sacrificing my holidays for study. I was supposed to go to San Francisco, LA and Las vegas in dec for folidays. I guess this can wait. After that, I will take 1 month off in march for studying again. Hope all these will be enough. I am now waiting for my Stalla notes to arrive while reading CFAI books. Cheer up guys

Acutally that sounds rather genrious you should be thanking him for that offer. You;ve got a long way to go from level I to charter so thank your boss… he doesn’t need to give you any time off newsuper Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > I just have to have a little rant about my > employer - they asked me how the studying was > going for LI in December. So I spent a bit of time > outlining how much work I’ve been doing, how much > content there is to cover etc etc. > > the boss then kindly offered me some study leave - > on the condition that whatever holiday leave I > take to do some study in, they will match! So if I > want the week off before the test, it means I have > to take 2.5 of the days as holiday leave! Is it > just me or is that a shitty gesture? > > Never mind the fact that just minutes before he > said what a coup it would be for the firm to have > a CFA charterholder employee! (assuming I ever get > there)

Apart from the 1 day of study leave per year, the rest is taken from my holiday leave. Be thankful, ESPECIALLY if you’re going for this on your own volition. It’s a good investment for the future, no?

My employer gave me unlimited time off work to study for the December exam. I was laid off. I suppose I now have absolutely no excuse not to pass this thing. Nothing like a little added pressure…

Ouch, sorry to hear that, man. Yet another reason to pass with flying colors I suppose.

lol you are complaining about getting free time off?

Bad thread. Would not read again