Study Leave

How much study leave will you be taking/allowed? I will be getting 12 days study leave and will take an additional 3 annual leave days, which will give me 3 full weeks before the exam - hope to get a lot of solid review work done in those 3 weeks.

thats nice. I have to use my vacay days to study…

I am planning on about 12-15 days from my annual leave. Thats over half my hollidays gone for the exams. This is spread over now till the exams. Its a lot to give up for this exam but the potenital rewards are well worth the trade off. Even if it results in 2k improvement in my salary over the next 30 years. thats 4k a day, a wise investment.

Wow. You guys are definitely going to be in the upper end of those folks taking time off. I’m taking the entire week before the exam off. My firm gives me 3 days and I burn 2 vacays.

I am only taking two days off!