Study Manuals Advice Needed (before update)

Hey guys, I posted this question on General Discussion forum, but thought here may be a better place to post. With close to zero finance academic / career background, I plan to give myself enough time to study for the level I exam, and plan to sit for the exam in Dec '08. I was told that they will update the 2008 material so I’d have to wait till next year to buy a new manual. If I would like to start studying for the level I exam now, what are my options? Try to get a hold of old manuals and start reading? I’d assume they wouldn’t change much, right? Are there any free online manuals I can d/l and print out? *EDIT: I just found out from past posts that you can get free ethics manuals online. I wonder if I found the right link? Should I read all the articles for level I exam? Thanks so much! :slight_smile:

December '08?

From someone who also has no academic or career background in finance I can tell you that you have plenty of time to study for the June '08 exam. No need to wait until December unless you really don’t have much time to study between now and June. Get the Schweser study notes and QBank. I have found those to be the most useful in my preparation for the Dec '07 exam. Also be sure to take the CFAI practice exams as they will be the closest to what will actually show up on the exam (from what I have read here).

Until the new books arrive you can get a macro economy book and read it plus learn about different types of securities mostly stocks and bonds

I believe a lot of folks have posted on this site that they have been sent the 2008 material updated from the CFA Institute – which you will get (no chance of not getting that material) when you register for the exam session. So you can get the fresh material by registering right away, and get started with the texts. Schweser, Stalla and others will take longer to get out the material for the 2008 session. CP